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Your Lie In April Live Action or Anime Movie Has Been Revealed

TOHO Looking To Release Your Lie In April As Movie

This Monday a domain name was found under a Japanese film company TOHO. The domain name was “” which pretty much confirms that there will be a movie for Your Lie in April. Now it isn’t confirmed if this will be a Live action or a Anime film since only the domain name was shown so we can only guess until then. The smiles are up for the fans though as this anime became very popular for a good reason, it’s a really touching anime that should be watched. Hopefully more information will be said soon about the movie.


The story for Your Lie in April follows a boy named Arima Kousei who is a professional pianist as he was one of the best and all the children knew his name. His mother was his piano instructor who one day passed away and his life took a turn for the worst. During a recital he had a break down which resulted in him never being able to hear his own piano sounds even though he was not deaf. As time goes on Arima still hasn’t touched the piano as he is still affected by the death of his mom. Arima thought he was just going to live out his life with his group of friends but that all changed when one day something changes. He meets a beautiful girl named Miyazono Kaori who is a talented violinist as she is playing freely. Kaori the begins to help Kousei as she wants him to return to music by showing him that it’s all about being free unlike the style he was used to.


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